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  Hello! I am Ashley, the owner, operator and curator of Garland Resale. My passion, dreams, interests and creativity are all packaged up in this sweet little shop. I am so happy you are here to read how Garland became what it is today. 


In summer of 2018, I found myself turning 30 without a clear pathway. At a moment of reflection, I pondered what I was good at (crafts, shopping, genuine human connections) and what I loved (finding a good deal, beautiful clothing, thrift stores) and how I could combine all of these things to make the most rewarding and happiness invoking career. With the support of the many wonderful women (and my (now) husband Marc!) the idea of Garland was born. 

We were set to open the first weekend of March 2019 when the most feared thing of a small business happened. A terrible fire started at 2am on February 23, a week prior to our highly anticipated opening party. The fire caused thousands of dollars in damage to the space and surrounding building. We lost a large portion of our new inventory, a portion of our clothing inventory and many other things. We had to completely start the renovation process of the space over and push our timeline out over four months.Through all of this, we kept our heads held high with the support of loved ones, friends and the local Spokane community. To everyone who offered help, a listening ear or support in our time of need, we will never be able to thank all of you enough! (You know who you are!

Since the idea of the shop came about, our path has been clear, even with the crazy situations we have endured. A beautiful, simple to navigate resale clothing boutique. No clutter or over packed spaces. Clothes with simple, flattering cuts and easy to wear natural fabrics. With the belief that a high quality garment should not end up in a landfill if it has one small flaw, we work extra hard to bring new life into gently used items. Whenever possible, we use recycled paper goods and reuse things that are no longer usable in their current state. We constantly search for different kinds of merchandise that fit our better for the environment, non fussy brand such as a locally made jewelry lines, candles, lotions, handmade linens, cards, ceramics and leather goods. We love to support local makers and will strive to source locally whenever possible. 

We truly hope that you love our store as much as we do. We welcome you to come check us out!

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