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everyone loves denim!

I don't know about you guys, but I have ripped the crotch out of too many jeans to ever count. Anyone else with thighs that rub is probably commiserating with me at this moment. If you have never done this, hopefully you have a pair of jeans that just do not bring you joy. (ha!)

Personally, I have a ton of denim that I can't stand to just throw away but I also can't wear without giving a peepshow. I decided to see what kind of ideas the internet has to upcycle these sad lonely jeans and I found so many neat little weekend projects. A ton of them are used with things you probably already have (glue gun, needle and thread etc.) and are very user friendly.

Here are my two personal favorites-

I am always in need of something else to put things in. Instead of running to Ikea or goodwill next time for baskets, I will be making these. You could probably use them with a small potted plant to create a new look in your home!

These little coasters by Cathi over at Scratch and Stitch (click the pic to see full instructions on her website) are the cutest things! I can't wait to make them and I can't wait for you to show me yours! :)

What have you done with your denim in the past? I would love more ideas to use on my hoard of old jeans. Comment below with your favorite projects!

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